Anyone want to start running bikes in Boston ?

In 2008 the voters of Massachusetts voted in a ballot question, to ban Greyhound racing in the Commonwealth by the end of 2009.   The Wonderland Greyhound Track in Revere,  Boston ceased all operations in August 2010.

A View from the grandstandEach week I play the lottery in the hope I can win more money than god, so I can go to the current track owners and Revere city council and tell them I want to run speedway bikes,  quads, sprint cars, you name it at the track.   Employ a lot of local people and bring some additional bike racing options into the greater Boston area.  Then I watch the lottery numbers come up on TV, go to bed  and  get up the next morning and go back to work.
However, the thought of doing this is nagging me.  This track, this stadium would be perfect.  It’s situated in a non residential (light industry) area.  The MBTA subway station coincidentally named ‘Wonderland’  (on the blue line from downtown Boston) is a skip away from the entrance gates.   The stadium was opened in 1935 and  has a history of running sprint cars in the past.

Here are the track specs:
Track Length
: 440 yards or 402 meters
Track Width
: 18 feet
: Sand and Clay

So,  if you  shorten the track just a little and make the bends a tad wider you could have a pretty good size  speedway track if you ask me.

The bigger question is,  where do we get the riders?  Having a track and no riders?  What of course would have to happen  is that this tracks runs an assortment of motor sports,  that can keep the turnstiles clicking and perhaps once a month we bring in riders from current east coast locations , on their off racing weekends elsewhere, while  creating training schools to develop local talent.  Flat track is relatively popular in this part of the world and there is potential for attracting riders to the sport.  There is a healthy bike scene in greater Boston and geez,  Laconia is one of the biggest biker gatherings in the USA and happens just up I93 in New Hampshire.

The stadium isn’t being knocked down as yet, as the company that owns the property is hoping that the Commonwealth will introduce legalized gambling,  so that they can get a casino built on the site.  But they are open to having it used for other commercial purposes.  I’m guessing, given its location, sound would not be an issue if speedway bikes were to run here once a month.   OK – who’s interested ?   Oh and by the way, there is another closed greyhound (400 meters) track (still open for weddings, slots and simulcast betting) south of Boston close to the Rhode Island border  at Raynham-Taunton.


And my final comment on speedway racing in Boston.  If we ever get a team, I always liked the Boston Barracudas.

And following on from my idle flights of fancy leads me to another question, what is the future of growth for speedway in the USA ?  What are the options out there and how on earth can we get some movement ?  I’ve got some loony ideas, let me just type them up….


9 responses to “Anyone want to start running bikes in Boston ?

  1. Very interesting as I have already had meetings about making a wider track for several vehicles!

  2. That’s interesting Pete – I see you run flat track ? Have you been talking about racing at Wonderland ?

  3. Just the sort of forward thinking US Speedway needs. If there is a track which could stage racing – flat track/speedway/quads then why noy?
    Would there be local support for racing?
    I think there would be if it was advertised.
    It would also give me an excuse to travel to Boston again (last there in 1998!) AND see speedway!
    BTW, well written blog again.

  4. It would be nice to have the speedway, quads, flat track, and whatever else may be run on separate nights so that fans of one type of racing don’t necessarily have to sit through hours of another type they’re not interested in to see what they want. In California we often have meetings that are primarily speedway but also have so many other things going on that there are 40 to 50 heats, sometimes lasting three and a half hours or more. It gets a bit long, especially if you have a great distance to drive home afterwards.

    • I agree to a point – the NY tracks are running quads and speedway – which seems to work very well. I am no fan of quads – but the program obviously needs them Having never been to a speedway only event in NY I cannot vouch for the crowd size, as compared to a mixed motors event. California can support speedway only events, lucky for them.

  5. I hope to make a show as opposed to a 4 hour marathon.

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