US Open Teaser

I have been trying to get the video and photos of the US Open weekend into some sort of order to post here and in other spots and so  I really haven’t written up the reports.  So while you (all 3 of you who read this blog) wait for me to get the stuff up, here’s a picture of the winners rostrum from the Open.  From left to right :  Josh Larsen (runner-up) ;  Tommy Hedden (winner) ;  Adam Mittl (third place).   I know that the gentleman with the trophy is a famous NY speedway rider of yesteryear – but I don’t have his name written in front of me – so as soon as I get it, we can edit this post and make it look like I knew all along.


2 responses to “US Open Teaser

  1. Guy, the guy with the trophy is Jay Stalma ( i don’t think i have his last name spelled right). The US Open has been dedicated to his father the last few years. His father worked at Champion for many years and Jay raced for several years late 90’s- early 80’s.

  2. Make that Jay raced several years late 90’s – early 2000’s.

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