What happened….

How hard is this blogging thing ?  Life really interferes with the best laid plans…

The East Coat speedway season starts again in New York this Memorial Day weekend and I will not be present because work is sucking the life force out of me.  As well as being the end of the fiscal year, HR introduced a new annual reporting system that has caused no end of ass ache for a lot of people and left me dealing with 3 pissed  off direct reports who are unhappy with what the results are for them…. So, I must spend the weekend preparing for 3 annual reviews and forget about going to New York to watch some speedway.  Shit.

Oh yeah where was I ?  Oh yeah, lack of posts.  I don’t think a speedway blog by someone who only gets to a few meetings a year is really working,  do you agree?  I want to write if only to release some energy but I reckon a speedway blog is not the outlet.   I think I would be better off as a contributor, oh yeah I am a contributor already, to this blog, so on second thoughts, an occasional contributor.  If I was watching speedway, week in week out, I may have something relevant to say.  The retro speedway nostalgia market is already covered.   I want to be the American Jeff Scott but it ain’t happening, not unless I move to the West Coast.  Hi Jeff !

So until the urge strikes me, this will be the last post until I go to another NY speedway meeting.   If you want to reach me directly – use the link on the blog to send me an email or leave a comment.  And thanks to those of you who took time out to read this and comment.  I really do appreciate your kind words.  Cheers.

And lastly, to Jason in New York,  good luck with Watkins Glen.  I can’t wait to see the new track.  And when I do, I should blog about it right ?


3 responses to “What happened….

  1. Hey Guy, I was still waiting for you to finish your story from last year.Look forward to seeing you in NY sometime this year, at least for the open.

    • speedwayexile

      Hello Don – I have about 5 articles partially written including all of the NY series but never finished them because of competing stuff for my time. Man I need to focus ! Anyway – I do plan one bing in NY as usual this summer, will look out for you !

  2. Don:
    You may be interested in the novels published by Speedway Fiction.
    All are set in the era of the Gulf British League. If mention of the 1970s and Plough Lane sets your pulse going a little faster, these are the books for you!
    (The website is worth a visit on its own).

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