I am a British born Speedway fan living on the US East Coast. These are my views of US Speedway seen near and far. Let me be an english guide to the tracks and riders of New York and Canada. Let me try to give you a written and visual flavour of what speedway looks like on this side of the pond.  I am also going to write about Speedway in general, some of it about the past when I was a regular at the tracks in the UK and of course thanks to t’interent,  about stuff that happens now and  ‘cos thanks to Steve in the UK I manage to see every race broadcast in the UK.

My banner picture was taken at Action Park Speedway track, Greene, NY.


2 responses to “About

  1. Jeff Scott alerted me about this site. Well done – it’s a great addition to the speedway resources on the web.
    I believe that some of the recent east coast tracks were constructed with the help of my friend Gerald Richter, track curator at Lakeside in the UK and, until recently, at Swindon. I’ll let him know. Keep up the good work. Graham

  2. It’s very interesting to get a well-written point of view about U.S. speedway from someone accustomed to the sport as it’s done in the U.K. I hope you’ll keep on writing!

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