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New York – part 2 with more to come

The pits area is getting crowded and it’s time for the non-rider/’hangers on’ to move out.  So I take a wander over to the track shop, come burger bar.   There is a willing crowd of potential buyers of  t-shirts (because that’s pretty much all there is) but the ladies in the shop are asking everyone to come back as their stock is completely messed up and they need time to get the numerous t-shirt designs sorted into like piles of design and size.  Local hero Adam ‘the rocket’ Mittl has his own line of clothing in the shop that’s selling well,  but most people are looking for the Shawn McConnell ‘American Outlaw’ t-shirts.  Continue reading


New York Speedway – Part One

Team USA 1984

North American Speedway is all about the cult of personality and I don’t mean this in a negative sense.   British speedway fans down the years have always remarked about the friendliness, openess and all around ‘good-guy’ nature of american riders who come across the pond to make a living.   Well there are a few reasons for this but here’s what I believe to be the two most important factors;  Americans in general are exceptionally friendly people, despite what we think about their behaviour overseas right now (and who is their major ally anyway?);  American speedway riders have to rely on themselves, their own personality, charm (and abilities) to get them the support and sponsorship that enables them to ride in what is essentially a glorified hobby.  Continue reading