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New York Speedway – Gear Heads..

As I wandered through the crowd it’s noticeable from the snippets of conversations I overhear and from the ‘dress uniform’ of Harley t-shirts and leathers, that a lot of the fan base are what are called ‘Gear Heads’.  A lot of spectators here are into the bikes.   I have followed the sport for 36 years and I still couldn’t name most of the parts of the engine but it’s obvious that the fans here know their stuff.  When I stood on the terraces at

Kings Lynn Speedway, pits corner

Kings Lynn Speedway, pits corner

Saddlebow Road, next to the same fans week in week out, the butcher from Downham Market, the bloke that worked at Curry’s TV in Lynn, I don’t recall ever having a conversation that  included in depth conjecture of gear ratios.  Continue reading


Your Starter for ten…

From 1973 through to 1989 I watched speedway in the UK.   I had two home tracks between 73 and 78, Kings Lynn during school holidays and Ellesmere Port during term time.  From 1978 when I moved to London, I was a regular at Wimbledon and Hackney and spent what few £’s I had going to watch Kings Lynn when they raced at Reading or Leicester or somewhere where the British Rail timetable would let me see a meeting and still get a  train back to London.   Continue reading