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Update on possible Speedway Bikes in Boston

So someone is in negotiations at getting bikes into one of the Massachusetts greyhound tracks and is interested in having speedway bikes as part of the show. This is great news!


Anyone want to start running bikes in Boston ?

In 2008 the voters of Massachusetts voted in a ballot question, to ban Greyhound racing in the Commonwealth by the end of 2009.   The Wonderland Greyhound Track in Revere,  Boston ceased all operations in August 2010.

A View from the grandstandEach week I play the lottery in the hope I can win more money than god, so I can go to the current track owners and Revere city council and tell them I want to run speedway bikes,  quads, sprint cars, you name it at the track.   Employ a lot of local people and bring some additional bike racing options into the greater Boston area.  Then I watch the lottery numbers come up on TV, go to bed  and  get up the next morning and go back to work.
However, the thought of doing this is nagging me.  This track, this stadium would be perfect.  It’s situated in a non residential (light industry) area.  The MBTA subway station coincidentally named ‘Wonderland’  (on the blue line from downtown Boston) is a skip away from the entrance gates.   The stadium was opened in 1935 and  has a history of running sprint cars in the past. Continue reading

Your Starter for ten…

From 1973 through to 1989 I watched speedway in the UK.   I had two home tracks between 73 and 78, Kings Lynn during school holidays and Ellesmere Port during term time.  From 1978 when I moved to London, I was a regular at Wimbledon and Hackney and spent what few £’s I had going to watch Kings Lynn when they raced at Reading or Leicester or somewhere where the British Rail timetable would let me see a meeting and still get a  train back to London.   Continue reading